Exploring the Distinctions: Recommend vs. Suggest vs. Advise

Differences between Recommend, Suggest, and Advise

Fri Oct 6, 2023

Choosing the Right Word: 

Recommend, Suggest, or Advise

Let's delve into the differences between "recommend," "suggest," and "advise" in detail:

  1. Recommend:
    • Definition: To recommend means to express approval, endorsement, or support for a particular option, choice, action, or idea. It implies a strong belief in the value or quality of what is being recommended.
    • Usage: Recommendations often stem from personal experience, expertise, or a sincere belief in the benefit of the recommended option.
    • Example: "I highly recommend the new Italian restaurant in town; their food is delicious."
  2. Suggest:
    • Definition: To suggest is to propose an idea, option, or course of action for consideration without necessarily implying a strong endorsement or personal experience.
    • Usage: Suggestions are more neutral and open-ended, offering possibilities or ideas for others to think about or decide upon.
    • Example: "I suggest we consider all the available venues before deciding on the location for the party."
  3. Advise:
    • Definition: Advising involves offering guidance, opinions, or expert knowledge to help someone make an informed decision or take a specific action. It often implies a sense of expertise or authority.
    • Usage: Advising typically comes from a position of knowledge or authority, with the advisor providing advice based on their expertise.
    • Example: "I advise you to consult with a professional financial planner before making any major investments."

In summary, the key distinctions between these words lie in the degree of personal involvement, endorsement, and expertise conveyed:

  • Recommend implies a strong endorsement based on personal experience or belief in the quality of the recommended option.
  • Suggest is a neutral proposal or idea without necessarily implying a personal endorsement.
  • Advise involves providing guidance or opinions, often from a position of expertise or authority, to help someone make an informed decision or take a specific action.

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