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Corporate  English Solutions

Brief introduction to Direct Method for Corporate English Solutions.

If you wish to excel in the new business market, as ASEAN has come to Thailand, you have to be up to date in your international corporate English skills. For that you need an excellent knowledge of English vocabulary and its usage, related to your field of business or expertise. At Smartys English Academy we make it sure that you get the best of the best, in the shortest possible time, as our courses are designed to be ‘four times faster’ than any other system in the world, thus you end up saving your money, and your precious time, four times.


We teach English using a system which is based on the scientific principle of how the brain actually registers information and how it deletes it. Thus every lesson you study with us you tend to remember 90% of it in your next lesson. That’s the bonus! That’s another reason why we are four times faster.

Marketing and Management

Brief introduction to Direct Method for Marketing and Management.

Marketing is an essential part of enhancing business success. In the competitive international market today with more and more players, the need for specialized communication skills in the field of marketing continues to grow. Functional differentiation is not a guarantee of success. Learning and applying marketing skills with excellent communication skills will help you rise above your competition and enhance your effectiveness. Marketing is a language, a way to learn about consumer wants and needs and offer them with the right product of their choice which can’t be achieved without excellent communication skills in English with the right terminology of words used. At Smartys we have the solution for that. Please visit us to see what we have to offer, and further more, see for yourself a system that is four times faster than any other system in the world.


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Computer, Banking, and Finance

Brief introduction to Direct Method for Computer, Banking, and Finance.

The rapid growth in the technology is transforming the global financial services industry, including the banking, finance and computers.. The financial services with weaker communication skills in English language will not help in solving the problem with quick fix  solution – as they will no longer works without a complete basic knowledge of the right terminology related to the field of banking finance and computers to stay ahead in the ASEAN market, and you might miss many potential opportunities because of the lack of the right communicative skill. Smartys has the right solutions for you. Please visit us to learn more and to see how it works!

Industry Politics and Law

Brief introduction of direct method for Industry Politics and Law.

Communication skills are an important element of Politics and law industry. Understanding of performance expectations are keys to the achievement of client satisfaction. Good oral and written communication skills are the top skills require to achieve that by the Law and Politics practitioners at different position levels. Good English communication in their profession will add value to client satisfaction and good business and international contacts.





Communication in Everyday life

Brief introduction to Direct Method for Communication in Everyday life.

English is without competition in international communication. It is the world’s lingua franca, with people from different non-Anglophone countries frequently using it to communicate among themselves. About a third of the world’s population understands it to some extent. Almost all international business, academic, and diplomatic discourse is held in the language of Shakespeare. In many European countries, it is now hard to hold down high-paying professional jobs without some command of this language. Fortunately, English for everyday conversations is relatively easy to learn, and we make it fun at Smartys English Academy.

Direct Languages

Brief introduction to Direct Languages.

Smartys offers you a number of languages taught by the communicative method. The language teaching is done by qualified and trained teachers with experience in this field. While teaching, the teacher combines speech therapy where necessary. The courses offered at Smartys train you in the oral fluency of the language combined with reading and writing skills. The levels available are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The prices for all these levels are the same.


Smartys Language program “Multiple languages Course” is unique. While Smartys specializes in teaching multiple languages, we know that sometimes a head start in one language helps. Whether you’re looking for just a few communication tools, a springboard to learning a new language or ideas about one language you’re studying, these courses are for you. They’ll teach you around eighty words and phrases including common courtesies and a lot of elementary sentence structures. All of our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. We’re starting with more languages, but if the language you’re looking for isn’t here, stay tuned or drop us an e-mail because it may be on the way.


The list languages that we offer are:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Thai


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