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SEA builds you up in English right from the base .The Callan Method is designed to meet all your needs whether it be business or conversational English, it covers all. While studying at SEA you will find that you are gaining a better command over English and are able to express yourself better in any situation, whether it be business or any other form of conversation in English.


Enabling you to benefit from some of the most experienced and effective business trainers, all of whom have considerable teaching expertise, as well as practical experience in international business, law, finance, diplomacy and community & health services.


Contributing towards a better understanding among people everywhere by helping to bridge national, cultural and social barriers.


Applying the highest quality control through regular internal checks as well as external inspection from national authorities, such as the Ministry of Education, Thailand and from the international quality organization. This assures the maintenance of our high educational standards.

We teach English with the Direct Method, which has evolved over a period of more than 127 years. The Callan Method is a direct method program with schools in 28 countries across the globe. A brief list of Callan Method clients in Thailand are companies such as; A.S.I, BANK OF THAILAND, BOSCH, CAPITAL NOMURA, EPSON, FEDERATION OF THAI INDUSTRIES, HUTCH, KING POWER, OGILVY ENTERPRISE, R & T SHIPPING, REUTERS, THAI PLASTICS etc. A few of our international clients are companies such as; IBM, HONEYWELL, FIAT, OLIVETTI, PHILLIPS etc.


We have the most modern sound labs for speech therapy by specialized faculty. Our partners are international companies like “CISM” for corporate IT management services. A few of their clients in Thailand are IBM, AOT and the STOCK EXCHANGE (Thailand).Their international clients include companies like Boeing Company, Microsoft Corporation, Peregrine Systems, IBM, Compaq, and Proctor and Gamble.


Every single person taking classes at our school is bound to succeed!!! SEA guarantees you success.

Managing Director, Academic Director,

Sunny Love, M.A. (English), D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL | Tel : +66 (0) 87 039 9110

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Smartys Club

Smartys student club has been set up to provide special assistance and discounts along with many other benefits to our students. To learn more contact us or simply join our student club and enjoy all the benefits and special discount and a lot more.

Homework Club

Smartys Homework Club is an after school program that provides every student with extra assistance in a quiet, structured environment to do his/her homework. The main goal of the homework club is to instill good work habits, organizational skills, and a sense of accomplishment in every student.