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Smartys English Academy

SEA is a newly established school, registered with the Ministry of Education (Thailand). When teaching we use the most natural method of learning – learning by conversation. From the very first lesson a teacher introduces a certain number of words in English and then translates them into student’s language. On the basis of the introduced words students are then asked questions and are required to answer them right away. At the beginning the teacher helps in answering questions and after a little time students can answer by themselves. Once they know some vocabulary, and conversation, students start reading. Finally they learn English writing skills.

Our School is quite different from others:

  • Every new student can use free trial lessons to check if he likes our way of teaching the English language
  • We allow anyone to come and visit our school, and take classes with our students. Our students can provide answers to any questions they may have.

We succeed in teaching because:

  • We change teachers every lesson – the aim is to let students listen to different accents and pronunciation
  • The policy of Callan Method is to keep the grammar to a minimum and teach it only where it seems necessary for understanding the language.
  • Teachers speak with the speed of about 220 words per minute – the aim is to make the student be fully concentrated and listen carefully as he can be asked a question at any minute; it also enables students to understand other native English speakers will surely speak slower.
  • Classes are a maximum of two 50 minutes lessons. Longer study causes fatigue which can decrease the effectiveness of acquiring knowledge.
  • Every session combines two lessons. During the first lesson, students repeat the 3 last introduced lessons, new information is taught during the second lesson – multiple revisions make it easier for students to remember words and phrase.
  • We don’t address concerns of single student during the lesson – everybody pays equally for classes and any conversation between a single student and a teacher doesn’t allow other students to learn – such issues we can always solve during the break time
  • Students are required to answer a question right after it’s asked – the aim is to make students think and speak directly in the new language without first translating the sentences into their own language
  • The number of people in a group is between 4 and 8, but no more than 8, the aim is to let every student take part in the lesson, the teacher is able to devote enough time to each student.
  • Classes are twice or three times a week for two hours each session – the aim is not to overwhelm students’ time schedule, as most of them study and work as well

We teach English with the Direct Method, which has evolved over a period of more than 127 years. The Callan Method is a direct method program with schools in 28 countries across the globe. A brief list of Callan Method clients in Thailand are companies such as; A.S.I, BANK OF THAILAND, BOSCH, CAPITAL NOMURA, EPSON, FEDERATION OF THAI INDUSTRIES, HUTCH, KING POWER, OGILVY ENTERPRISE, R & T SHIPPING, REUTERS, THAI PLASTICS etc.


A few of our international clients are companies such as; IBM, HONEYWELL, FIAT, OLIVETTI, PHILLIPS etc. We have the most modern sound labs for speech therapy by specialized faculty. Our partners are international companies like “CISM” for corporate IT management services. A few of their clients in Thailand are IBM, AOT and the STOCK EXCHANGE (Thailand).Their international clients include companies like Boeing Company, Microsoft Corporation, Peregrine Systems, IBM, Compaq, and Proctor and Gamble.


Every single person taking classes at our school is bound to succeed!!! SEA guarantees you success.

Managing Director, Academic Director,

Sunny Love, M.A. (English), D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL | Tel : +66 (0) 87 039 9110

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Free Lesson

Take a free trial lesson in order to see how the direct method works.

Smartys Club

Smartys student club has been set up to provide special assistance and discounts along with many other benefits to our students. To learn more contact us or simply join our student club and enjoy all the benefits and special discount and a lot more.

Homework Club

Smartys Homework Club is an after school program that provides every student with extra assistance in a quiet, structured environment to do his/her homework. The main goal of the homework club is to instill good work habits, organizational skills, and a sense of accomplishment in every student.