Direct English for Teens

We guarantee!!

YOU will improve your LISTENING- SPEAKING- READING- WRITING in a very short period of time.


In this Teen English program specially designed for the teenagers, you are taught the most up to date vocabulary used by the teens online and in their regular conversations.


We also teach you the most popular English expressions currently being used by teens all over the world.


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And to know, how we teach English four times faster than any other system in the world. And to know why, you would remember every single lesson, forever, when you study with us. What scientific principle do we use in our lessons?


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The main advantages of the coursebook:

  • modern and practical vocabulary
  • interesting and up-to-date questions suited to teenagers’ interests
  • easy-to-understand grammar
  • clear graphics and user-friendly page layout
  • Internet platform
  • additional exercises.


The coursebook contains:

  • vocabulary with phonetic transcription
  • everyday-life dialogues
  • grammar and vocabulary exercises with an answer key
  • a grammar and vocabulary index
  • a list of irregular verbs and phonetic symbols
  • a list of English names used in the book with phonetic transcription
  • a CD containing vocabulary, questions and answers.


Books 1, 2 and 3 consist of 26-27 lessons and are divided into 6 or 7 modules that also include dialogues and grammar lessons.


Each book teaches about 700 new useful words and expressions. With Book 4 to be published soon, the whole course will contain four books (levels A1-A2).

Managing Director, Academic Director,

Sunny Love, M.A. (English), D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL | Tel : +66 (0) 87 039 9110

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