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The SEA Direct Thai Method of teaching is a learning process based on learning the language naturally, the same way as you learnt your language when you were a child.It is one of the most successful systems of learning Thai that focuses on improving student’s listening and speaking skills.It is based on the direct method of teaching not communicative method;which every other school is using with little success results.This system has been approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE).Thus issuing a licence to SEA to teach Thai language and culture.This course begins with the teacher introducing new words, how to pronounce them and finally how to use them in day to day conversation in Thai. This is done in a question-answer format. As you answer the questions, the teacher will help you all the way by pulling the answers out of you which helps in not letting you slow down and keeping up the pace of speaking. It is taught at a pace at which any Thai would normally speak.The teacher will go through a number of revisions until you feel comfortable with the newly introduced words and sentences


The teachers will constantly correct your pronunciation and tones right there and then, not letting you pronounce the word incorrectly thus leaving no chance for wrong pronunciations at all, thus within a short period of time you will see a rapid and definite improvement in your ability of spoken Thai language.


Right from the very beginning you will be taught how to read in Thai. It is easier than you might think! At SEA English Language school, it is easier than you could ever think!


We welcome you to get a free demonstration of our SEA Direct method at SEA. Learning Thai at SEA is easier than you can think!

Try the SEA’s Direct Thai Method Now!! and decide for yourself!


The method
It is important for the student to understand how the SEA Direct Thai Method works before beginning the course. Thus you are encouraged to read the following points carefully. If you would like have any further details or discuss any of the following points in more detail please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with further information.


Preconceived notions
The student is advised to clear his/her mind of all preconceived notions of how Thai should be taught, if he/she wishes to see the optimal results with SEA Direct Thai Method. Accept everything passively and with an open mind, and then judge for yourself by the results you are will see.


The initial Phase
Some students on first being introduced to the SEA Direct Thai Method tend to lose their . They think they will never be able to remember all the work taught during the lessons. But with a few revisions of the lessons taught, they will soon realize that on the contrary it is all quite easy and enjoyable, and that anyone can do it with ease.


Repetition is the secret to success!
The most important thing for the student to remember is, while learning a language; or any other skill for that matter, repetition is a must,; and by repetition is also meant revision which is an important part of our Thai language program..


Conditional reflex
Learning a language is same as learning how to type on a computer or play the piano, it is principally a question of developing a quick reflex without thinking. You might make a few mistakes initially, but with practice it all turns into a habit. Thus you might hear the teacher say, ,speak without thinking.


No time to think!
To develop a reflex for any skill the secret lies in repetition. In SEA Direct system, the student is trained to speak and read without too much thinking; due to the speed at which the language is taught there is no time to think in your own language. A pianist does not have time to think where to put his fingers while he plays. This all happens with practice.


Mechanics of repetition
A quick reflex is developed by mechanical repetition.This applies to any skill that you may wish to aquire.Everything has to be repeated and revised over and over again until the reflex can be performed automatically without thinking.


The Basics of aquring language skills
Any foreign language is aquired in the same way as you learnt your own when you were a child.You first heard the language, then imitated what you heard, and later you saw the words written, and finally you praticed writting them yourself.


When a child learns his own language he will often repeat things he hears without understanding exactly what he is saying, the understanding comes later. So it is with a language student at SEA . The student should try not to think too much, or analyze everything, or keep asking “why?” This, of course, is difficult for a thinking adult as we as adults are unaccustomed to doing things without understanding the why’s and what’s of things; but too much questioning will simply slow you down. A language is learnt faster by observation and imitation than by explanation.


Dealing with concentration
The two greatest drawbacks of learning are boredom and lack of concentration. The SEA’s Direct Thai Method overcomes boredom through speed, and low concentration through revision. Revising everything not only ensures speed in speaking, understanding and reading, but also ensures that the student remembers what he learns, no matter what.


Free Demonstration!
You are welcome during any of the working days to SEA and see the method in action, we are sure you will be surprised.


We claim, “SEA’s Direct Thai Method is the fastest way to learn Thai”

Managing Director, Academic Director,

Sunny Love, M.A. (English), D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL | Tel : +66 (0) 87 039 9110

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