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Founder | Business Partner | Managing Director,

Sunny Love, M.A., D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL

Letter to The Parents

A Message from Our Managing Director.

Today, everyone needs to speak English. It is the language of the global economy, travel and the World Wide Web. If someone from Thailand wants to do business with someone from Switzerland they have to use English. In many countries it is difficult to get a good job if you do not speak English. If you want to travel to almost any country in the world you will need to communicate in English. If you want to sell your skills abroad you will have to do it in English. If you do not speak English you will be at a disadvantage.


So, choosing the right language school is very important: you may be leaving your country and family for a long time or you may need to improve your English quickly in a short time so you can get a better job. You may want to work in a company when you go to a foreign country to pay for your studies, or you want to combine a two week holiday in London, New York or Sydney with some language learning. Whatever your reasons, you will have to make a real commitment in terms of time, money and effort. So you need to be sure the language school you choose has the right method, the right teachers and the right atmosphere. We at Smartys are thus committed to provide you with the same international quality and standards that you will receive anywhere in Europe or England.


English is the language of the global economy, travel and the world wide web.”


“Choosing the right language school is very important.”

The Method

Brief introduction to Direct Method.

Direct Method is a fast, fun and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills. Today more than 500 schools use the Direct Method across Europe, Asia and South America, Smartys Language School is the first school to introduce this method in Suphanburi, Thailand.


Why is this method so popular and effective?
It is suitable for students of all nationalities, of all ages and for all purposes of study. It is based on repetition and speed, the two things that guarantee success in learning a language. Students spend less time and less money on lessons by learning English in a quarter of the time it takes to learn by other methods. Students reach the level of the internationally-recognized Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) in approximately 80 hours instead of the usual 350 hours it takes when learning by other methods and the level of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) in about 160 hours.


If you study English at Smartys you will:

• Learn to listen and respond to English spoken at normal conversational speed
• Learn to think and speak directly into English without first translating
• Learn practical, useful vocabulary and grammar structures
• Improve your pronunciation, intonation and grammar skills every day with constant correction by the teacher
• Check your understanding and progress with regular reading and writing practice
• Receive maximum speaking practice in small classes of no more than 10 students
• Choice to study in the morning, afternoon or evening

What is the secret of learning a language?
“The secret to success when learning a language is to repeat, repeat and repeat and to speak without thinking”


Talking at top speed
You cannot control the speed at which a native English speaker speaks on television, in films, in the shops or in the streets. If you want to learn English quickly and well, you must learn to understand and respond to English when it is spoken at normal speed. One of the ways the Direct Method achieves maximum speaking time and maximum concentration from its students is by ensuring that, from the very first lesson, the Smartys teacher speaks to the students in English at the rate of 240 to 280 words a minute. The Smartys teacher’s extra speed prevents boredom, makes the student concentrate, stops them from translating the sentences into their language first (by not giving them time to do so), allows them to hear more words repeated more times, makes it easier for them to understand English outside the classroom, and, of course, makes them learn faster.


No homework
With the Direct Method, there is almost no homework
Everything happens within the lesson time



The Teachers

Brief introduction of our teachers.

The Smartys Teaching Method requires teaching specialists.Smartys teachers are highly experienced, energetic native speakers, competent and qualified. Learning at Smartys is effective. Learning with Smartys teachers is having a good time.

The School

Brief introduction of our School.

Smartys teaches English with the Direct Method language introduction system. The method uses speaking in complete sentences at the normal pace of conversation. Students also receive training in reading and writing. The result is that employees are successfully schooled in all three aspects of business communication in English.


Smartys guarantees that you will learn English faster and that means less expense for you and your company. Faster learning is accomplished by speaking constantly during the lessons, listening to questions, and answering in complete sentences. Proficiency in language comes from using the language by speaking, reading and writing. Students rapidly gain greater confidence.


Smartys is a school whose goal is to provide our students and corporate clients with the highest quality of service. Smartys, the International language school is located in the heart of the city of Suphanburi, in Nasa Mall, Thailand. We use the latest and most advanced technology to make your learning process effective, fun and result oriented.


Founder | Business Partner | Managing Director,

Sunny Love, M.A. (English), D.B.A., TESOL, PELT, TEFL

Tel:  +66 (0) 354 46842

Fax: +66 (0) 354 46843

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